Chaos Theory

At Least the Sheets are Clean

Fleeing for her life Melisandra rode her horse furiously through the lawless streets of Luskan. Once the adrenaline of almost losing her soul to eternal damnation began to fade she realized that a young woman riding alone in one of the most lawless cities in the world in the middle of the night wasn’t the best way to lay low. Her mother just sold her soul to hell, the least she could do was buy her a room for the night. Once her horse was stabled, Melisandra settled in for a sleepless night until the morning light made fleeing the city a bit more inconspicuous. Lying in her bed thinking about the impossible hand that fate had dealt her, Melisandra had to change positions several times to avoid a leak that had developed over her head. Anywhere she moved in the room the drop seemed to follow her and drip directly on her forehead. Wiping away the liquid in annoyance she realized that the water was changing into blood before her eyes. Startled she reached for the door only to realize the once locked door had rotted in a matter of seconds. The worm infested wood crumbled easily to her touch as she rushed into the hallway only to confront a somber Eladrin paladin dressed in full plate mail, engraved with devotions to the Raven Queen. The paladin, Ildry, instinctually felt a heavy destiny upon the shoulders of the young girl before her. “It is not our time to die, but something unnatural here seeks to alter that.”

The women walked downstairs into an eerie silence that had been filled with the sounds of music and conversation only moments ago. To their surprise the common room looked like a morgue that had been abandoned for months. Every patron to the inn lay dead apparently without any form of conflict or struggle. Merchants still held forks in their stiffening fingers and the minstrels formed a macabre band of corpses. Once the distance was closed, Ildry noticed that all the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition and covered in tumors from head to toe. Food had maggots and worms crawling in it, and even the cloth and tables themselves looked to be rotten to the core. Amidst this chaos the plump innkeeper’s wife walked out of the kitchen carrying a loaf of worm filled bread. Open sores from her hands and neck dripped down to create an oily glaze. “You girls sit down this second. We need to put some meat on those bones.”

“No I think we’ll be leaving actually” Melisandra replied with a slight tremor in her voice.

“But if you leave, who will we have for dinner?” The woman hissed and began to crawl up the walls, deifying all physics and reason. The sound flesh pulling and bones ripping apart greeted the women as the corpses all around her began to rip apart. Small chittering demons crawled from the bodies and began to surround the women. Ildry pulled her sword and shield from their scabbards and turned to Melisandra. “Get behind me. I’ll protect you.”

The blacks of Melisandra’s pupils expanded to cover her entire eye in a uniform sheaf of pitiless pure ebony as shadows began to swirl and dance around her. Melisandra smiled wickedly, her heart burning with a hatred for demon kind. “But then who will protect them?” The women dispatched the demons in short order and found the most powerful among them clutching a medallion that appeared to be made of never melting ice. Inscribed on the medallion, the word “Iccidondradeon” could clearly be seen.

Unresolved: How can the portal be closed?

What is the medallion?

How did the demon come to possess the medallion?

Are Errutu and Elisa still interested in Melisandra?



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