Chaos Theory

Mommy Where Do Babies Come From? Um Dragon Eggs Duh.

With the rift closed and the Dorito Eaters blown off, the girls settle down for some well deserved rest at an inn, to plot their next move. Just as the bards began to sing and Melisandre begins to dance on the tables because “this is my jam bitches” the in is assaulted by a force of blackscale lizardmen. During the vicious battle nearly every patron of the inn is slaughtered and Ildry nearly joins them. Melisandre and Ildry manage to destroy the lizardmen force but not before two of the soldiers slip by them and head upstairs towards their rooms. The girls charge after them, knowing that that is where they have stored their dragon eggs for the evening. When they get up the stairs the entire second floor looks like it was at the center of a hurricane and the bodies of the lizardmen have nearly been torn asunder by raw force. Nibbling contentedly upon one of the corpses is a toddler who just hatched from one of the dragon eggs. Immediately finding vast quantities of sandwiches Ildry names him Jack.

Unresolved: Lizardmen? WTF? One of the lizardmen has a symbol of the Cult of the Dragon.



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