Chaos Theory

That'll Make One Hell of an Omelet.

Following the battle in the inn Ildry and Melissandre quickly decide that a room full of dead bodies and demons isn’t the best place for a worshiper of the death god and a wanted warlock to be found by the city watch. Having no where else to turn, the adventurers seek out a scholar to determine the origin of the ice medallion. A local scholar informs them that the name on the medallion is of a legendary white dragon who has dominated the northern wastelands for centuries, but the medallion is typically a mark bestowed upon his slaves. The fact that the medallion was in the possession of a demon makes no sense at all. Our heroes who have been professional adventures for well over a week now, follow the only logical course for individuals with their vast power; they decide to go confront the ancient dragon. The journey itself takes approximately two weeks and on the way they are accosted by a raggedy tribe of goblin bandits. The emaciated leader of the goblins jumped into the center of the road waving a crudely made spear and used a heroic and awe inspiring phrase that he learned from a gang of human highwaymen. “Your money or your panties!” Ildry who is much more amused by the threat than properly awed, takes pity on the goblin and gives him a small sum of money. The goblin gang, who is both surprised and confused by their success, aren’t quite certain how to take their success and wander back into the wood line. When the party arrives at the cave of the ancient white dragon they notice the temperature begin to drop sharply even though it is the middle of the summer. By the time they enter the cavern a thin sheet of ice covers ever surface from the floor to the ceiling. After walking for approximately two hours into the underground cavern they stumble upon some small living quarters of Drow architecture, and numerous structures that presumably served as slave quarters. Once the women enter the main living chamber of the dragon himself it becomes apparent that the dragon himself is long deceased. The body is crawling with demon spawn and maggots. After dispatching the demons a search of the dragon’s chambers reveals that there are several indentures in the ice that indicate the removal of a vast horde of treasure. The only 2 items remain that were concealed by the dragon’s body, dragon eggs. One is grey almost metallic, the other is black with veins of red coursing through it.

Unresolved: Why were demons in the dragon’s cave? Why were Drow in the cavern? They certainly weren’t slaves. Will Ildry eventually give up the panties to the goblin?



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