Chaos Theory

The Devil is in the Details

Long ago Melisandra’s mother, Elisa, entered into a pact with a demon, trading the souls of her unborn daughters, for the promise of eternal youth and power. For generations untold Elisa bore the spawn of the demon Errtu, only to sacrifice the girls back to their demon father when the spark of magic began to develop in them. With Melisandra however, Elisa waited to long. Harnessing an impressive natural talent for calling on the powers of the abyss, Melisandra managed to fight her way through the abyss and return her soul to her body before the ritual sacrifice could be completed. Denied the soul he was promised, Erutu lashed out at the mortal world. He tore a rift between the planes and siphoned life from Elisa. With a tear in the plane of hell, a powerful warlock whose very survival depends on Melisandra’s death and the personal interest of a greater demon who has been promised her soul, Melisandra leaves her mother’s tower to make her way in the world.



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