Chaos Theory

Wait Goblins Stole Your Baby? Are You Sure It Wasn't Dingos?

After much research the girls find that the Cult of the Dragon is an organization dedicated to creating undead dragons and helping them to rule the world. (insert Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha) The research also indicates that Jack is a baby steel dragon. Steel dragons are able to shift between their native form and a humanoid form. Jack being deprived of his mother most likely doesn’t know how to make the transformation. The lizard men where likely trying to capture the eggs and corrupt them with undead rituals. The girls determine that they need to figure out how to get Melisandre’s egg to hatch. The scholar informs them that the foremost authority on dragon lore is Lady Adavax but she is extremely reclusive. The girls manage to intimidate her servant into getting them an audience with the noble and it appears that she has a problem of her own. Lady Adavax informs the girls that she has never seen an egg like the one in Melisandre’s possession but she is willing to research it in exchange for a favor. Her son is “amused” by goblins but it appears he has gotten in over his head and the goblins have kidnapped him. She’s not certain where he is being held but she gives them a general area. The adventurers track the goblins back to their lair and both bloodshed and hilarity ensue. After fighting their way through the fleeing outer guards they are confronted by a battle between a dozen goblins and a very young steel dragon. Jack manages to convince the dragon that they are here to help and upon slaying the goblins the dragon flies away. The goblins have been raiding caravans and the cavern is overflowing with stolen trade goods. For some reason however the party leaves the cavern without even a cursory search.

Unresolved: Lady Adavax is presumably a Steel Dragon. Is she an ally or enemy?



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