Chaos Theory

Yadda Yadda Yadda.

The girls find out there is an ancient temple of Pelor, the sun god, which lost all contact with the outside world. The scholar informs them that they may have a relic that can close the portal. There are these two weird people that eat a lot of Doritos that go with them and they kill some shadows and stuff. There were mirrors and lasers and all kinds of madness that while really kinda cool, you had to be there to understand. The plot didn’t really advance much, I just wanted to play with lasers. In the end however they did triumph and the rift to the Abyss was closed.

Unresolved: The rift is closed but anything that came over is still on this plane. Dragons haven’t hatched. How can vegetarians be that fat? Does vegetarian mean “I only eat pasta and chocolate? Drow, and a dead ancient dragon. Ya, that wasn’t randomly thrown in there. I’m getting it to it in a few weeks fuckers.



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