Human Avenger of Pelor


Balain is a warrior monk of Pelor. Shields and armor are for those who fight for themselves. When a god is directing your blade, protection is not an issue.


“Faith is my shield, Duty is my Honor, Justice is my blade”

Balain knows little of life before the monastary. Life begins with the rising of the morning sun and eventually sets for us all. What does it matter where the Sun was before it found its true purpose? At least that’s all the monks of Pelor would tell him. Rumors surrounded his dark heritage among his fellow pupils but nothing is certain. As long as he can remember, Balain’s life has been defined by discipline, duty, and purpose. It is the job of the clerics to bring the masses to The Light. It is the job of the Avengers to bring The Light to the dark places of the world. Life in the monastery has been a study of light and darkness, but since entering the wider world, Balain is finding the world to be full of shadows.


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