Eladrin Paladin of the Raven Queen


All things die. Some just need help. Ildry is a Paladin of the death goddess. She believes the goddess has taken a personal interest in her and that she will not die unless it is the wish of her deity. As a form of worship she has approached her deity several times in the course of battle, but to date her theory remains sound.


You wish to fight me? All souls come to my Goddess in time. She is death incarnate and I am her sword. Who do you think she will choose to survive this day?

Ildry’s early life is a tale marked by horrendous tragedy. Her childhood village had the misfortune to be located in the path of a rising undead army. Eagerly seizing the chance to lay waste to an Eladrin village, the rogue necromancer of Thay destroyed all that was living in Ildry’s village. Using the last spark of her life, Ildry’s mother carried her daughter into the realm of the Raven Queen with her to hide the signs of her life. The Raven Queen may be a merciless diety but she is not unjust. Seeing how the child arrived in her kingdom she kissed the babe’s forehead and sent the toddler back to her life. Ildry’s first memory is of a beautiful woman dressed in grey walking hand in hand with her mother into the distance. A lip shaped “birthmark” is still visible to this day. Ildry’s stoic demeanor is not a result of morning but rather the result of a deep acceptance of the natural order of the universe.


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