Chaos Theory

Wait Goblins Stole Your Baby? Are You Sure It Wasn't Dingos?

After much research the girls find that the Cult of the Dragon is an organization dedicated to creating undead dragons and helping them to rule the world. (insert Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha) The research also indicates that Jack is a baby steel dragon. Steel dragons are able to shift between their native form and a humanoid form. Jack being deprived of his mother most likely doesn’t know how to make the transformation. The lizard men where likely trying to capture the eggs and corrupt them with undead rituals. The girls determine that they need to figure out how to get Melisandre’s egg to hatch. The scholar informs them that the foremost authority on dragon lore is Lady Adavax but she is extremely reclusive. The girls manage to intimidate her servant into getting them an audience with the noble and it appears that she has a problem of her own. Lady Adavax informs the girls that she has never seen an egg like the one in Melisandre’s possession but she is willing to research it in exchange for a favor. Her son is “amused” by goblins but it appears he has gotten in over his head and the goblins have kidnapped him. She’s not certain where he is being held but she gives them a general area. The adventurers track the goblins back to their lair and both bloodshed and hilarity ensue. After fighting their way through the fleeing outer guards they are confronted by a battle between a dozen goblins and a very young steel dragon. Jack manages to convince the dragon that they are here to help and upon slaying the goblins the dragon flies away. The goblins have been raiding caravans and the cavern is overflowing with stolen trade goods. For some reason however the party leaves the cavern without even a cursory search.

Unresolved: Lady Adavax is presumably a Steel Dragon. Is she an ally or enemy?

Mommy Where Do Babies Come From? Um Dragon Eggs Duh.

With the rift closed and the Dorito Eaters blown off, the girls settle down for some well deserved rest at an inn, to plot their next move. Just as the bards began to sing and Melisandre begins to dance on the tables because “this is my jam bitches” the in is assaulted by a force of blackscale lizardmen. During the vicious battle nearly every patron of the inn is slaughtered and Ildry nearly joins them. Melisandre and Ildry manage to destroy the lizardmen force but not before two of the soldiers slip by them and head upstairs towards their rooms. The girls charge after them, knowing that that is where they have stored their dragon eggs for the evening. When they get up the stairs the entire second floor looks like it was at the center of a hurricane and the bodies of the lizardmen have nearly been torn asunder by raw force. Nibbling contentedly upon one of the corpses is a toddler who just hatched from one of the dragon eggs. Immediately finding vast quantities of sandwiches Ildry names him Jack.

Unresolved: Lizardmen? WTF? One of the lizardmen has a symbol of the Cult of the Dragon.

Yadda Yadda Yadda.

The girls find out there is an ancient temple of Pelor, the sun god, which lost all contact with the outside world. The scholar informs them that they may have a relic that can close the portal. There are these two weird people that eat a lot of Doritos that go with them and they kill some shadows and stuff. There were mirrors and lasers and all kinds of madness that while really kinda cool, you had to be there to understand. The plot didn’t really advance much, I just wanted to play with lasers. In the end however they did triumph and the rift to the Abyss was closed.

Unresolved: The rift is closed but anything that came over is still on this plane. Dragons haven’t hatched. How can vegetarians be that fat? Does vegetarian mean “I only eat pasta and chocolate? Drow, and a dead ancient dragon. Ya, that wasn’t randomly thrown in there. I’m getting it to it in a few weeks fuckers.

That'll Make One Hell of an Omelet.

Following the battle in the inn Ildry and Melissandre quickly decide that a room full of dead bodies and demons isn’t the best place for a worshiper of the death god and a wanted warlock to be found by the city watch. Having no where else to turn, the adventurers seek out a scholar to determine the origin of the ice medallion. A local scholar informs them that the name on the medallion is of a legendary white dragon who has dominated the northern wastelands for centuries, but the medallion is typically a mark bestowed upon his slaves. The fact that the medallion was in the possession of a demon makes no sense at all. Our heroes who have been professional adventures for well over a week now, follow the only logical course for individuals with their vast power; they decide to go confront the ancient dragon. The journey itself takes approximately two weeks and on the way they are accosted by a raggedy tribe of goblin bandits. The emaciated leader of the goblins jumped into the center of the road waving a crudely made spear and used a heroic and awe inspiring phrase that he learned from a gang of human highwaymen. “Your money or your panties!” Ildry who is much more amused by the threat than properly awed, takes pity on the goblin and gives him a small sum of money. The goblin gang, who is both surprised and confused by their success, aren’t quite certain how to take their success and wander back into the wood line. When the party arrives at the cave of the ancient white dragon they notice the temperature begin to drop sharply even though it is the middle of the summer. By the time they enter the cavern a thin sheet of ice covers ever surface from the floor to the ceiling. After walking for approximately two hours into the underground cavern they stumble upon some small living quarters of Drow architecture, and numerous structures that presumably served as slave quarters. Once the women enter the main living chamber of the dragon himself it becomes apparent that the dragon himself is long deceased. The body is crawling with demon spawn and maggots. After dispatching the demons a search of the dragon’s chambers reveals that there are several indentures in the ice that indicate the removal of a vast horde of treasure. The only 2 items remain that were concealed by the dragon’s body, dragon eggs. One is grey almost metallic, the other is black with veins of red coursing through it.

Unresolved: Why were demons in the dragon’s cave? Why were Drow in the cavern? They certainly weren’t slaves. Will Ildry eventually give up the panties to the goblin?

At Least the Sheets are Clean

Fleeing for her life Melisandra rode her horse furiously through the lawless streets of Luskan. Once the adrenaline of almost losing her soul to eternal damnation began to fade she realized that a young woman riding alone in one of the most lawless cities in the world in the middle of the night wasn’t the best way to lay low. Her mother just sold her soul to hell, the least she could do was buy her a room for the night. Once her horse was stabled, Melisandra settled in for a sleepless night until the morning light made fleeing the city a bit more inconspicuous. Lying in her bed thinking about the impossible hand that fate had dealt her, Melisandra had to change positions several times to avoid a leak that had developed over her head. Anywhere she moved in the room the drop seemed to follow her and drip directly on her forehead. Wiping away the liquid in annoyance she realized that the water was changing into blood before her eyes. Startled she reached for the door only to realize the once locked door had rotted in a matter of seconds. The worm infested wood crumbled easily to her touch as she rushed into the hallway only to confront a somber Eladrin paladin dressed in full plate mail, engraved with devotions to the Raven Queen. The paladin, Ildry, instinctually felt a heavy destiny upon the shoulders of the young girl before her. “It is not our time to die, but something unnatural here seeks to alter that.”

The women walked downstairs into an eerie silence that had been filled with the sounds of music and conversation only moments ago. To their surprise the common room looked like a morgue that had been abandoned for months. Every patron to the inn lay dead apparently without any form of conflict or struggle. Merchants still held forks in their stiffening fingers and the minstrels formed a macabre band of corpses. Once the distance was closed, Ildry noticed that all the bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition and covered in tumors from head to toe. Food had maggots and worms crawling in it, and even the cloth and tables themselves looked to be rotten to the core. Amidst this chaos the plump innkeeper’s wife walked out of the kitchen carrying a loaf of worm filled bread. Open sores from her hands and neck dripped down to create an oily glaze. “You girls sit down this second. We need to put some meat on those bones.”

“No I think we’ll be leaving actually” Melisandra replied with a slight tremor in her voice.

“But if you leave, who will we have for dinner?” The woman hissed and began to crawl up the walls, deifying all physics and reason. The sound flesh pulling and bones ripping apart greeted the women as the corpses all around her began to rip apart. Small chittering demons crawled from the bodies and began to surround the women. Ildry pulled her sword and shield from their scabbards and turned to Melisandra. “Get behind me. I’ll protect you.”

The blacks of Melisandra’s pupils expanded to cover her entire eye in a uniform sheaf of pitiless pure ebony as shadows began to swirl and dance around her. Melisandra smiled wickedly, her heart burning with a hatred for demon kind. “But then who will protect them?” The women dispatched the demons in short order and found the most powerful among them clutching a medallion that appeared to be made of never melting ice. Inscribed on the medallion, the word “Iccidondradeon” could clearly be seen.

Unresolved: How can the portal be closed?

What is the medallion?

How did the demon come to possess the medallion?

Are Errutu and Elisa still interested in Melisandra?

The Devil is in the Details

Long ago Melisandra’s mother, Elisa, entered into a pact with a demon, trading the souls of her unborn daughters, for the promise of eternal youth and power. For generations untold Elisa bore the spawn of the demon Errtu, only to sacrifice the girls back to their demon father when the spark of magic began to develop in them. With Melisandra however, Elisa waited to long. Harnessing an impressive natural talent for calling on the powers of the abyss, Melisandra managed to fight her way through the abyss and return her soul to her body before the ritual sacrifice could be completed. Denied the soul he was promised, Erutu lashed out at the mortal world. He tore a rift between the planes and siphoned life from Elisa. With a tear in the plane of hell, a powerful warlock whose very survival depends on Melisandra’s death and the personal interest of a greater demon who has been promised her soul, Melisandra leaves her mother’s tower to make her way in the world.

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